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Tiger Woods – Why? Half 2 – Energy, Fame and Ego

Tiger Woods – Why? Half 2 – Energy, Fame and Ego

(This text is neither supposed to extol nor defame Tiger Woods. It’s supplied merely as a method of relating his private numbers in his numerology chart with the occasions and circumstances of his life and future to additional the understanding of numerology as a science).

Because the Saga of Tiger Woods continues to unfold, its classes emerge magnetic, microscopic, telescopic and academic. As unhappy as this human tragedy is, its classes are replete with timeless and common rules and classes of life — its successes, failures, lures, traps, heartaches and heartbreaks. It’s certainly a potpourri of each easy methods to dwell and the way to not dwell one’s life. But, it’s a frequent life story acquainted to us all. Nobody on this world is ideal. All of us make errors and have most probably a number of closets filled with each contemporary and decaying skeletons. The factor with this drama is that Tiger Woods was essentially the most publicly acknowledged sports activities icon on the planet, however the truth that the fact of who he’s was so drastically completely different from the persona he portrayed. This text continues to delve into that one query all the world is asking, “Why?”

Tiger and the Energy of the Numbers 8 and 9

As Eighteenth Century French Patroness, Suzanne Necker, succinctly said, Fortune doesn’t change males, it unmasks them. What the world is seeing of a thirty-four yr outdated Tiger Woods is actually the unmasking of who he’s intrinsically. All of our lives are destined… to the breath. It’s no completely different for Tiger Woods. Plus, leopards by no means change their spots. Nor can we. All of us are born with a blueprint that’s set for all times. We undergo completely different phases of our life, particularly these marked in our Life Matrix, and we will, with effort, rise to a better frequency of a selected intrinsic vitality that defines us, however our primary patterns are set and decided by larger powers even earlier than we’re born. Why they’re the best way they’re is thought solely to God. Our job is to do the very best we will with them, be taught from them, develop from them, and even discharge previous karmas involving them.

Tiger: 9 Expression

In numerology, the Expression identifies the person as a composite entire, replete with property, liabilities, needs, and character traits. Tiger Woods was born “Eldrick Tont Woods” on 30 December 1975. His beginning identify equates to a easy 9 quantity, known as the “Grand Elemental” in The King’s Numerology system. As a cipher, 9 (9) is exclusive as a result of when it’s added to some other single cipher, the result’s all the time that quantity. For instance, 9 + 8 = 17 > 1 + 7 = 8. Discover that when 9 is added to eight, the result’s 8. Have been 9 added to three, the end result can be 3 in discount: 9 + 3 = 12 > 1 + 2 = 3. It’s the similar with each quantity. No different quantity has this high quality. It’s distinctive completely to the 9.

This ‘grand elemental’ attribute makes the 9 very charismatic. Since persons are actually vitality recognized with a numerical label, when partaking with Tiger Woods [or any 9 person], they might really feel a connection as a result of their particular vitality can be mirrored to them by the 9 particular person. That is one cause why 9 is highly effective – it naturally mixes with everybody and everybody identifies with it as a result of it displays themselves.

9 (9) can be dominate, and it might be an applicable phrase to say, “9 guidelines.” Why is that this? If all the only ciphers within the alpha-numeric spectrum [the single digits 1 to 9] are added collectively and decreased to a single digit, the end result is a 9. For instance: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 45 > 4 + 5 = 9. Subsequently, 9 accommodates the entire single numbers inside itself, corroborating its charismatic and chameleon attributes. The warning is that 9 is doubtlessly so highly effective it may possibly develop into domineering to a grievous fault.

9 (9) dons different traits as nicely. In numerology it’s the variety of the general public stage, fame, notoriety, journey, artwork, theater, growth, the worldwide highlight, universality, philanthropy, broadcasting, finalizations, endings and the termination of cycles.

As all numbers, 9 has two sides, one good; one unhealthy. 9 might be the magnanimous ruler or the nefarious and malevolent tyrant. Energy is energy, whether or not it is nuclear or private. Used appropriately, it generates nice and great advantages for all; used inappropriately, it creates a residing hell for everybody. And moreover, no matter it creates, it generates a karmic payback for itself. What we put onto the circle of life all the time circles again to encircle us, no matter whether or not the vitality is optimistic or destructive. We sow; we reap. It’s the immutable legislation of this creation and nobody – no king, queen, pauper, prince, celeb and even world golf icon escapes it.

The misuse of energy is frequent, which is why Lord Acton said in a letter to London’s Bishop Mandell Creighton, Energy tends to deprave, and absolute energy corrupts completely. Nice males are virtually all the time unhealthy males, even after they train affect and never authority.

Cash, and many it, all the time creates a way of worldly energy. Since persons are interested in cash and energy, it locations the one in energy in a harmful place, particularly males who lack self-restraint and are immersed with a way of having fun with the spoils of their ephemeral efficiency with the feminine intercourse. With this energy in tow, so in tow are the numbers of hangers-on, sycophants, predators, yes-sirs, mistresses, vultures and flies. And for the reason that quantity 9 mixes with everybody, it may possibly, if it isn’t cautious, develop into blended with these souls and beings who’re of a darkish, usurious, untoward and destructive nature. If desirous of being in energy, or being positioned in energy, however missing in energy and knowledge, it’s simple to see how one would fall into the clutches of such contaminated characters and thereby endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and positively the Woods’ Saga suits the “outrageous fortune” invoice [respects to you, Mr. Shakespeare]. It’s this energy side of the 9 which helps to plague Tiger Woods, making a state of affairs that was uncovered, ostensibly and coincidentally, with a strong, and reportedly, raging 9 iron.

Tiger’s Title Timeline PE of 9

In numerology, every of our beginning names carries with it a timeline or interval by which the identify is lively. Tiger’s first identify is “Eldrick.” This equates to an 8. After we add his Lifepath quantity, a 1 [we’ll discuss this next], the result’s a 9 end result, the vitality of energy, fame and notoriety. This second 9 in Tiger’s chart creates stacking, a situation creating better depth of the 9 vitality. This 8/9 Affect/Actuality Set [I/R set for short] guidelines Tiger’s life from beginning by way of age thirty-five. It’s also a mix indicating success [8] with a powerfully public end result of domination [9] which Tiger has been privileged to have since beginning. The unhappy half is that except one with this mix has an understanding of religious issues accompanied with a way of humility, worldly success usually goes to individuals’s heads, swelling and inflating them with the significance however false sense of their very own egos, blinding them and subsequently inflicting them huge grief. Had there been extra humility than ego, the grief would by no means have existed. Energy can be given to God, to not the self, so the self couldn’t fall into the abyss of self-acclaim, self-centeredness, self-importance and self-made troubles.

Tiger’s First Problem: 9/9

Rising the stacking of 9 vitality is that the primary Problem interval in Tiger’s life [from birth to age thirty-five] is a 9/9 IR set. This will increase his energy, domination, public and world affect in addition to mixing amongst many individuals. With the addition of this primary Problem 9/9 set, Tiger Woods’ chart reveals a quadstack of 4 9s:

1. 9 Expression
2. 9 First Title [Eldrick] Timeline PE
3. 9 First Problem
4. 9 First Problem PE

That is actually a considerable amount of the vitality of energy, domination and public attraction. But, as all issues cycle, so does energy. None of us has it endlessly.

Tiger’s Sense of Ego, Self, Uniqueness and the No 1

Tiger Woods was born on 30 December 1975. This date creates a 1 Lifepath, the script of his life indicating the problems, occasions and classes – each optimistic and destructive – he might be experiencing. Mixed together with his 9 Expression, this 1 Lifepath additionally generates a 1 Efficiency/Expertise cipher or PE, the element of 1’s Primary Matrix defining the position an individual will play on the nice life stage. Right here once more is an instance of stacking, this time involving the 1 vitality.

The number one is the cipher of the ego, self, yang/male points, motion, independence, self-control, self-reliance. When the 9 and 1 are mixed, as they’re in Tiger’s case, the 1 PE [or reality cipher] is saturated with the vibration of self and ego. E On-line quotes Tiger Woods’ highschool girlfriend, Dina Parr, as saying that when he was in faculty he developed an “untouchable conceitedness” that escalated with the variety of girls in his life. It’s this 1 and 9 set of ciphers that actually performed and continues to play a dominate position in Woods’ troubled life.

What’s the resolution to all this self-absorbed, power-dominating plague? The reply lies, because it all the time does, with adjusting one’s life to embody the one true One [1], God, and His energy, whereas subordinating the little, ego-saturated and me-first pushed self to a better actuality. If we have now energy, it’s as a result of God gave it to us. If we have now cash, it’s as a result of God gave it to us. If we’re lucky sufficient to have abilities and talents that outshine others, making us the very best on the planet, it’s as a result of God allowed it. The whole lot comes from God; nothing from self. The lure is that we expect our abilities and success belong to us and had been created by us. They do not and are not. They belong to God and are gifted to us by Him, and once we put ourselves first and have interaction within the nice sin of ingratitude by not placing God first and thanking Him for our luck, then we’re headed for a fall, and the larger the phantasm, the larger our ego, the larger our sense of non-public greatness, the larger the autumn. Humpty Dumpty acquired a giant head. He fell, and he fell from such a excessive place and in such an explosion when he hit the bottom that “all of the king’s horses and all of the king’s males could not put Humpty Dumpty again collectively once more.”

Tiger Woods has skilled a Humpty-Dumpty fall. Can he put his life again collectively once more? Maybe to a level, however provided that he reverses his ideas, rules, actions and behaviors by placing God first, not himself. That is how it’s with all of us. When it comes all the way down to it, irrespective of how huge we expect we’re, we’re nothing. Science has confirmed that there are extra stars within the universe than all of the grains of sand on all of the seashores of the world. With that type of immensity, how insubstantial is any of us, together with our fame, fortune, energy, standing or celeb?

To wrap himself in humility is the very first thing Tiger Woods, or any of us for that matter, must do to repair his life. As Saint Jagat Singh states: Humility is the true signal of greatness. The branches of a tree laden with fruit bend low. So it’s with the really nice.

If Tiger decides to not revolutionize his life, his ideas and conduct, then he’ll, little doubt, proceed to develop into one of many infinite numbers of souls Dr. Samuel Johnson referenced in his Self-importance of Human Needs:

Unnumbered suppliants crowd Preferment’s Gate,
athirst for wealth and burning to be nice;
delusive fortune hears the incessant name;
they rise, they shine, evaporate and fall!


© 2010 Richard Andrew King
All rights reserved

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Tiger Woods – Why? Half 2 – Energy, Fame and Ego

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