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Tiger Woods – Why? Half 3 – Lacking Wiring

Tiger Woods – Why? Half 3 – Lacking Wiring

[This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Tiger Woods. It is offered simply as a means of relating his personal numbers in his numerology chart with the events and circumstances of his life and destiny to further the understanding of numerology as a science].

In Half 1 of “Tiger Woods, Why?” we mentioned the problems of affection and intercourse as they relate to the numbers 5 and 6. In Half 2 we addressed the numbers 1, 8 and 9 as they relate to ideas of energy, fame, success and ego. On this article we’ll clarify how the numbers 7 and eight play a significant function within the idea of “lacking wiring” within the Tiger Woods Saga.

In numerology there are 9 fundamental numbers: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. These 9 single ciphers symbolize the composite “wiring” of the person. Every quantity, as a wire, manifests particular traits and attributes (recognized as key phrases or key phrases). Throughout these “wires” circulate the vitality which permits the person to function as a aware residing being. When a person’s full natal title homes the entire single numbers, his wiring is full and his capacity to function as a balanced, harmonious and functionally built-in human being are enhanced. When a quantity or numbers are lacking within the chart, the wiring is incomplete and the person’s possibilities of residing a full, complete and efficient life are compromised.

Voids are lacking wires within the delivery title. They’re main problematic gamers within the future of a person. Merely mentioned, voids create issues; the extra voids, the extra potential issues. Moreover, if a void is positioned in a Problem place within the numerology chart, its issues intensify within the space related to its traits and attributes for the time the void is energetic within the chart. If the void not solely happens in a Problem place but in addition doesn’t occupy one of many seven parts of the Primary Matrix, it turns into a Grand Voided Problem and its problematic standing creates havoc for the person throughout the time-frame wherein the void happens.

Consider an vehicle and its construction. It’s crammed with all types of wires which ship mechanical or electrical alerts to its varied components thus permitting the automotive to run easily and effectively. For instance, assume the ignition system has no wiring. The automotive could not begin even when the rest of the automotive’s wiring had been full. Maybe the ignition system is in tact however there aren’t any break traces from the brake pedal to the wheels. The automotive won’t be able to cease even when it will get transferring. If there is not any wiring from the steering column to the entrance finish wheel meeting, the automotive might be able to begin, it might be able to go, it might be able to cease but it surely will not be capable to flip. Clearly then, an vehicle’s wiring system is important to its well being, integration and functionability. With out the entire wiring in tact, an vehicle could not solely be inefficient however harmful… to itself and others.

So it’s with individuals. If their wiring is full, their lives and happiness will probably be doubtlessly enhanced. If their wiring is missing, they are going to be missing, their lives manifesting issues and inflicting potential disruption to themselves and others. Numerology “wires” are recognized by numbers and their corresponding letters as depicted within the following chart.

A-J-S: 1
B-Okay-T: 2
C-L-U: 3
D-M-V: 4
E-N-W: 5
F-O-X: 6
G-P-Y: 7
H-Q-Z: 8
I & R: 9

Tiger Woods, who was born “Eldrick Tont Woods” on 30 December 1975, has no Gs, Ps or Ys in his delivery title. This provides him a 7 void. He additionally has no Hs, Qs or Zs which give him an 8 void. Plus, he has no 7s or 8s within the Primary Matrix of his numerology chart. This situation makes every quantity a Grand Void. Moreover, Tiger’s chart manifests a double 8 void within the Problem facet of his chart, thus making a Grand Voided Problem. In layman’s phrases, all this void construction creates very demanding occasions for Tiger Woods which is able to tax each the inner and exterior features of his life.

The 7 Void
In numerology, the quantity 7 guidelines all issues inner – the thoughts and spirit. This consists of the depth of thought or lack of it [the opposite side of its energetic coin]; knowledge and foolishness; the Aristocracy and ignobility; chaos and calm; purity and impurity; adulteration and sanctification; saints and sinners; evaluation, reflection, examination, analysis, reclusion, recession, privateness and secrecy.

It’s this 7 void which has negatively impacted Woods’ capacity to evaluate, study and consider his actions correctly. Typically talking, a 7 void manifests as an absence of depth of thought, an absence of knowledge. This isn’t at all times the case, nevertheless, as generally an individual with a 7 void will work arduous to refill the void positively. Too, different components within the chart could offset or mitigate detrimental 7 potentials. This mentioned, with the mix of Tiger’s 1, 5, 6 and 9 vitality of self, ego, sensual stimulation, selection, love and energy [see article Parts 1 and 2], it’s comprehensible that the 7 void in his chart performed itself out as a complete lack of thought and knowledge which had been overpowered by his ego, sexual and sensual energies. In impact, the “wiring” is lacking between Tiger’s depth of thought and his actions.

The 8 Void
In numerology, the quantity 8 guidelines all issues exterior. 8 is the vitality of connection and its reverse polarity, disconnection. It’s the strongest social variety of the alpha-numeric spectrum [the single numbers One through Nine]. 8 additionally guidelines administration, administration, advertising and marketing, coordination, orchestration, continuity, commerce, execution, worldly consolation and a way of being ‘within the loop.’

With an 8 Grand Voided Problem in his numerology chart, there exists a deep disconnect in Woods between his non-public and public life, between the promotion of his healthful family-man picture and his libidinous menagerie of mistresses. This type of hypocrisy has been maybe essentially the most disturbing facet of the Woods Saga. In some methods, it is very like the Bernie Madoff scandal. He additionally had fooled and deceived many individuals and his disconnect lastly caught up with him and disconnected him not solely from his fortune however his freedom. Madoff additionally had a 7 and eight void in his chart however his voids had been each Grand Voided Challenges and thus extra extreme. Too, Madoff, like Woods, had the 33-6 grasp quantity current because the identifier of his wants, needs and needs, and the numbers 1 and 9 dominate in his Problem positions as properly. The 1 and 9 rule ego and energy – the identical energies plaguing Woods. Madoff, like Woods, duped many individuals however his was definitely extra legal, bilking individuals out of roughly sixty-five billion {dollars} with completely no regret for his actions or the immense catastrophic impact it had on the individuals he deceived and broken.

Each Madoff and Woods categorical excessive egos and energy bases and courtroom an excessive disconnect to what’s thought of regular actuality. So far as Woods is worried, how might he interact in such a plethora of sexual relationships with whole disregard not just for his personal well being and well-being however extra grievously for that of his spouse and youngsters? The sexually transmitted illness points are huge, to not point out the psychological, emotional, familial, monetary and social implications. What was he considering? And that is the foundation of the issue. He wasn’t considering. Both that or he simply did not have the depth of thought to make a connection between his actions and the way these actions might and would negatively have an effect on his spouse, kids, their future, the remainder of his household, the PGA, his followers, sponsors, the general public basically and his personal life and success. Actually, he could not have been blind to his international iconic picture, recognition and hero standing. Or might he? Did his 1 and 9 energy mixture delude him into considering as a result of he was the nice Tiger Woods that he would escape detection or accountability? This can be a good instance of a 7-8 void mixture, a complete disconnect between himself and others, however a robust connection to his personal wants, as mirrored by the dominating mixture of 1 [ego/self] and 9 [power] vitality in his chart.

If Tiger Woods in the end reveals some real penitence and humility, it will likely be a optimistic transfer in the proper path for him. The important thing in his rehabilitation will probably be to fill these voids of the 7 and eight with knowledge in addition to loving, not lusting, administration of his private life. It will not be straightforward, and he must train excessive self-discipline, self-control and self-control to negate the detrimental results of those voids, to not point out managing the injury that has been performed to so many lives, in addition to the rebuilding of his private life. You play, you pay, is the age-old saying, and generally the payback is harsh, brutal and catastrophic. Such is karma.

The entire Tiger Woods Saga has definitely been stunning, unhappy and very painful, particularly for his spouse and household. In consideration of their collective well-being, we want all of them a way of stability and concord so they could transfer previous this heartbreaking ordeal and in the end lead harmonious and optimistic lives.


© 2010 Richard Andrew King
All rights reserved

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Tiger Woods – Why? Half 3 – Lacking Wiring

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